Custom made


A pipe organ is a large and very complex musical instrument. There is no other instrument so varied in size, composition and sound. The technical construction of the VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- is completely based on the construction and idea of pipe organs. Through knowledge of pipe organs, acoustics and digital computer technology it is possible to achieve an almost perfect result. Every VAN DER POEL organ is uniquely constructed according to personal special wishes or specifications of customers.

Custom-made craftsmanship

Pipe-organ building is an assembly of historically based sorts of craftsmanship: designing and building the organ case, wind chests, pipe work, mechanical stop - on to key action, stoplist, pipe work scaling and finally its voicing. At the atelier of VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- the similarities with pipe-organ building are striking. The organ cases are designed and drawn by experienced designers and constructed by a first class woodworker who happens to be a great admirer of the classical organ.

Custom-made in sound

Pipe organs amaze and intrigue everyone who has ever experienced such an instrument in its full glory or actually played it. Even people who are not familiar with historical pipe organs hear the beauty, richness and naturalness of the sound. Hearing and/or playing an organ of ours, you will share such a great experience. We do not pretend to reach the level of beauty of an historical pipe organ but our natural sound is immediately acknowledged. Ranging from the sound of a single stop through combination to even in the plena, the natural liveliness of a VAN DER POEL organ is remarkable. Only a majestic pipe organ can do better.

Custom-made in diversity

The diversity in sound is unique to the pipe-organ. This king of instruments is versatile not only in appearance from small to very large but also in sound. Of course, size does not exclusively determine sound quality. The diversity is often noted in the so called stoplists and styles of organs as constructed by for example Schnitger, Silbermann, Cavaillé-Coll, Bätz and Marcussen. The diversity of the pipeorgan is indeed impressive.

As for the organs of VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- you will not find any standardization in sound and appearance. A unique library of organ stops from many styles and countries guarantee a unique stoplist, construction and sound. And all of that is customized for every individual organ.


Every VAN DER POEL organ is a unique organ. There is no mass production. There are neither type numbers nor -names. Every build opus shows only its builder's name and its year of construction. In this way you will obtain the guarantee for your own unique organ featuring the stoplist and the sound that you wish. VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- is not only inspired by the sound of the handcraft organ building but also by the way it operates.