(engels)  For centuries at a stretch, Holland (or 'the Netherlands', if you like) has been a country with a great organ tradition. The high density of historical organs is unique. Of course, the ideal organ sound that comes to mind originates from a pipe organ that is well voiced in good acoustics and in good condition. Unfortunately, there are also organs of less quality, in a dilapidated state or in poor acoustics. Undoubtedly this is often a result of circumstances and funds. The basically related Dutch tradition of home organs meant for practice, concert use or both has yielded organs of various qualities, all the more so because the less than ideal acoustics of the common living room are evident. Actually, the creation of a large home organ enabling its musician to play a wide variety of organ music seems virtually impossible.

The classical digital organ

To construct an electronic musical instrument which can go by the name of organ one needs more than rudimentary knowledge of electronics. Nowadays, upper level knowledge is required. Judging from developments in personal computers, it appears that electronics has become a rewarding science. Furthermore, owing to rapid progress of information technology, almost any software development is feasible. State-of-the-art equipment combined with continuously updated knowledge can provide the edge. Classical digital organ building has moved along and evolved into these new directions. The builder now needs a new kind of craftsmanship. Still, in addition to knowledge of electronics and information technology, a sharp ear, musicality and love for the organ are essential. And, referring to its roots, a fundamental knowledge of sounds, developments and styles of the genuine pipe organ is compulsory for any builder.


Since 1981 Adrian van der Poel has been designer of classical electronic organs and has always been closely involved in the construction and intonations of church organs. After designing organs with well known manufacturers of electronic classical organs, he now builds the characteristic VAN DER POEL - CHURCH ORGANS in his own atelier, and is backed up by many organ experts. The organs meet the highest quality standards of organ building as far as design, technology, voicing features and organ sound are concerned. Organ liveliness and capacity are unrivalled in its field of expertise.