Other possibilities

Every period in pipe-organ building is characterized by its own methods, choices of technologies and materials for an optimal sound and durability. VAN DER POEL -KERKORGELS- supplies durable technologies and materials to guarantee a long lifespan. Massive wood is used wherever required from a functional or visual point of view. Wishes of the customer are decisive here as well as with other aspects. 

Several manuals are available, each different from the other. A high-end synthetic manual of 54 or 61 keys with light mechanical pressure point, or a custom-made wooden manual with a clear, advanced magnetic pressure point, compass and key material according to customer's request. Pedals are made according the BDO-norm with 30 keys and concave layout. Stop knobs are made of wood with handwritten stop names; as knobs with light- or movement indication; as stop levers, or a combination of those. One or more manuals such as Choir or Swell can be fitted with an expression pedal. Pedals are made of wood and the effected department will have a real swellbox effect, because the computer will simulate a swellbox including the effect on harmonics - which is essential for French reeds to sound natural, just to give an example.


All organs can be implemented with several accessories which can be very useful for quickly changing stops or for playback of music just performed, etc. Other options could range from extras such as free programmable setzers, transposers, or fine tuning to toe pistons, general crescendo, MIDI, and so on. Actually, your wish is our command.